Teal Swan - Synchronisation Workshop

Teal Swan - Synchronisation Workshop

Join Teal Swan in London for an exclusive full day Synchronisation workshop.

Often we think we’re the only ones facing certain challenges, but when we get a chance to connect with others we realise we all have similar problems. By attending a Teal Swan Synchronisation Workshop you will get the answer to your questions directly or by resonance with the answers given to others. You will gain clarity and insights, connect with yourself on a deep level and expand out of your comfort zone towards new horizons. All the while forging friendships that will last a lifetime.


Connect with hundreds of like minded people and create lifelong, authentic relationships.

Transform your life by learning about and applying cutting edge knowledge and tools for your daily life.

Expand your knowledge about the human spirit and experience the ultimate breakthrough in your life.


  • Come to new insights that can catalyse transformation
  • Connect with hundreds of like-minded people
  • Participate in exercises that facilitate deeper connection with both yourself and others.
  • Engage with the group energy as Teal Swan answers questions that are a vibrational match to your own problems and desires.


Teal Swan has a unique ability to visually observe vibrations. In her world-renowned Synchronisation workshops, she chooses an individual to come on stage whose question is most applicable to the progression of everyone present. That person will ‘light-up’ in a way that catches Teals attention. Whether you are in attendance on the day or watching the workshop at a later date, the knowledge and healing that comes through will be relevant for you. When tuned in, it is possible to perceive the energy of the group ascending throughout the day. Even if you can’t feel it you can rest assured that it is happening. The very nature of your attendance, online or in-person, means that you are a match to the shifts occurring from the questions chosen.


The Law of attraction means you are drawn to things that are a vibrational match. This means that if two or more people are experiencing the same event it has to be a vibrational match to them. Our thoughts are reflected in the external reality. If you have thoughts that feel like the vibration of anger, in the physical dimension that is a match to other things that vibrate at that same frequency. Anything that is a match to that emotional undercurrent can occur. At a synchronisation workshop Teal Swan will answer the questions that most support the group undercurrent.


Teal Swan is a personal transformation revolutionary. She was born with a range of extrasensory abilities and is a survivor of severe childhood abuse. Today she uses her gifts as well as her own harrowing life experience to inspire millions of people towards authenticity, freedom and joy and teaching people how to transform their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual pain.

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"Teal’s workshops are like nothing you have ever experienced, I was a match to major shifts through each person called on stage, the awareness and validation and insight given to each person will help you as if teal is directly working with you herself. The energy is indescribable."


"Being a huge fan and follower of Teals for many years I finally was able to attend her workshop in person. After watching countless workshops on premium, reading her books and watching her videos nothing quite tops being at a workshop in person. I took so much away from it. Phenomenal experience."


"The Synchronization workshop was amazing and Teal was amazing. It was awesome to be in an environment where you can really find your own shadows holding you back and confront them."


Event Details

Date(s) 7th August
Doors open: 09:00
Start: 09:30
Finish: 16:00

Location Details

The Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore
London SW7 2AR


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Premium Seating + Meet & Greet Gathering: (£1,250)

Rows A & B.
Closest seating to the stage and also includes an invitation to an exclusive Meet & Greet Gathering with Teal after the workshop ends, including food and beverages, and a special gift to take home.

Diamond Seating : (£247)

Rows C-I
Ground Floor seated behind the Premium rows

Ruby Seating (Stalls & Balcony) (£157)

Ground floor Rows J-M
Balcony Rows O - S

General Seating Balcony (£87)

Rows T - W Rear Balcony